Enhance your look with elegant Phulkari & exquisite Pochampally sarees 

India is a world-famous country for its diverse culture, craft and art. India, the home of 28 states, has unique traditions and culture. Each state of the country has its own specific choice on the design, thread, style, texture and combination of cloth. As mentioned every region of India has its own uniqueness, Phulkari sarees is Punjab’s pride or one can say that phulkari is a prominent artwork of the state of Punjab that adds to the popularity of the most happening destination in India. Phulkari means flowering or floral artwork that enhances the beauty of the saree or suit. Basically, the craft involves the artwork of floral designs and patterns on various garments like sarees, suits, shawls, hankies, scarf and dupattas.

The development of this captivating and appealing craft was initiated dates back to the 16th century. Though the craft was started as an unprofessional disposition by women of the state as leisure time activity with the passage of time the charm, elegance, grace and beauty of the craft spread worldwide and today it is world-famous attire and increasing its worth as a professional artwork. Phulkari Sarees are designed artistically with the help of small stitches using a silk yarn over a fabric making intricate designs with a variety of shades and colours. Although, the base of the fabric is handwoven and designers add unique and attractive designs so as to enhance the beauty and charm of the cloth. Some common patterns and designs used in Phulkari sarees include the pictures of animals such as birds, fish, fruits and vegetables. Also, the handicraft designs talk about nature like the moon, rivers, trees, leaves, the sun and buildings.

However, the most common patterns in Phulkari sarees comprise of rainbow patterns, sun-shade patterns, coriander designs, and jasmine pictures. Since the fabric incorporates colourful designs and patterns, hence a wide variety of colour combinations is also used in creating an appealing and glamorous effect on the fabric. The prominent colours used in the development of this premium quality yarn are crimson, yellow, green, golden, blue and red. The thread used in Phulkari sarees embroidery is pure silk and long darning stitches are performed on the wrong side of the cloth through the pattern takes place on the right side of the cloth. A special king of smoothness can be felt on the right side of the fabric that speaks a lot about the quality of workmanship and skill of the embroidery. One can find a huge variety of Phulkari sarees online in beautiful and stunning designs and patterns within an affordable price range.

Pochampally silk saree is another popular variety of Indian saree available across India. It is one of the most well-known brands of South Indian sarees that is famous for its premium quality fabric, beautiful ikat designs and durability. Pochampally sarees online is another most popular saree fabric famous amongst women. The sarees are tastefully coloured and splashed with ikat prints. Pochampally cotton saree involves a special technique called an ikkat technique which comes through threads dyed according to Ikat.