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Saree forms an integral part of Indian tradition and is the national dress of Indian women. Saree is an important part of the trousseau of an Indian bride. Sarees come in various materials, weaving patterns, designs, visual effects, goldwork, etc. There are different types of sarees available for different occasions.

Banarasi Magic

Banarasi saree is the first choice of a bride in her wedding collection. This type of saree is woven in Varanasi or Banaras. This saree is known for its intricate designs made of gold and silver zari and fine silk. The intricate embroidery in the sarees is known as zardozi. This saree comes in different designs, textures and colours. Some of the varieties are silk Banarasi saree, designer Banarasi saree, butidar sarees, tissue sarees, cutwork sarees, etc. The Mughal inspired designs are the special features of this saree. These designs usually are intertwining floral motifs or a string of upright leaves. It takes about two to four weeks for a Banarasi saree to be completed. This completely depends on the choice of design and pattern.

The four main varieties of Banarasi saree are pure silk, Organza with zari and silk, Georgette and Shatter. They can also be categorised as Jangla, Tanchoi, Cutwork, Tissue, Butidar and Vaskat depending on the design process involved. There are lots of cottage industries in and around Varanasi which are weaving Banaras sarees on a large scale.  

Bhagalpuri Spell

Another very popular saree is the Bhagalpuri silk saree which is known for its resilience and quality. This saree is from Bhagalpur which is also known as the ‘Silk City’. The purest form of this type of saree can be traced back to the Vedic age. A few decades back, some issues resulted in the drop in demand for this saree. But after a long period, this saree is back once again to make its mark in the garment industry. This saree is weaved with multicoloured silk threads to form exotic designs. This saree comes with one of the most ancient kinds of artwork when compared to other embroidered artworks.    

The different varieties of yarn that give the royal look to this saree are Tussar silk, Katia, Eri, Giccha, and Mulberry. Some of the different types of Bhagalpuri sarees are Red Bhagalpuri, Zari Bhagalpuri, Bridal Bhagalpuri, and Patch Patti Bhagalpuri. There has been a lot of competition between manufacturers with this artwork as this embroidery is eco-friendly.

Shop Online

While there are numerous showrooms to pick your saree, online shopping has made it much easier to select your favourite saree from the comfort of your home. Online shops offer a wide range of exquisite sarees for online sale. You can select your Banarasi saree or Bhagalpuri saree online. The products will be shipped to you in minimal time. Payment may be made online or on delivery. There are some online shops which cater to the needs of international customers also.

The growing demand for silk sarees in India as well as other countries has resulted in a number of online stores which are selling sarees with unique designs and excellent artwork.